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What you need to qualify for SR&ED
  1. SR&ED is not only for the science buffs. You can claim SR&ED for many different research and development costs.

  2. SR&ED eligible expenses that can be claimed are typically SR&ED wages, contractors and materials that are consumed or transformed within the research. 

  3. Provinces in Canada also have different tax credits that can be utilized in coordination with SR&ED at the federal level. This can lead to up to 60% of your research costs refunded back to your company at the end of each fiscal year.

  4. Time and evidence tracking could make or break your claim. It isn’t a first priority for any regular business owner. CRA looks for more activity-based time tracking methods.

As of December 2023, Atlantic Canadian organized have raised
over $ 10.6 Million through working with Colum Consultants.

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"Colúm has been a huge asset to our team in helping navigate and demystify the SR&ED process. Our projects involve a lot of moving pieces, and it's very relieving to know that we can count on Colum Consultants to help properly document that work at tax time."

-Luke Robertson, Director of Operations, The Black Arcs

"Colum has been an invaluable asset to my tech start-up."
Christel Seeberger, Founder & CEO, Sensory Friendly Solutions
“After having a not-so-pleasant experience our first time around, we weren’t sure about claiming SR&ED again. Colum changed that mindset. Colum Consultants took charge of the situation and represented our research very well to the CRA.”

-Phillip Curley, CEO, HotSpot

Still not sure if you qualify? Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss with our SR&ED experts.

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Why build a strategic partnership with Colum Consultants?

Specialized Atlantic Canadian business

We do all the legwork that results in a hassle-free claim

Dependable R&D consultants

Led by a science first team

99% of claims submitted successfully through the CRA


Services tailored to your specific needs

Returning clients year over year

Book a 15 minute complimentary consultation with us today!

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