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Innovation in Atlantic Canada

Black Arcs visualizing possibilities through SR&ED!

Black Arcs was founded by tech entrepreneur and engineering PhD Jake Arsenault in 2015. The Black Arcs are a predictive analytics impact venture using data visualization to show how civic issues are connected. Their mission is to foster systems thinking through widespread access to meaningful and engaging predictive analytics.


Black Arc’s technology is designed from the ground up to blur the line between professional analysis and entertainment. Their technology lets users visualize possibilities and test-drive how decisions shape our cities. They frequently collaborate with researchers, and have a core team that tackles key objectives through projects employing domain experts, academics, and vendors.

In January 2020 Colúm met with Luke Robertson (Director of Operations) and Dane Sheppard (Director of Technology) to discuss their research projects. Colum Consultants helped them get a better understanding of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Together they found ways to navigate the program to frame their current and future innovations according to CRA requirements. 

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"Colúm has been a huge asset to our team in helping navigate and demystify the SR&ED process. Our projects involve a lot of moving pieces, and it's very relieving to know that we can count on Colum Consultants to help properly document that work at tax time."

-Luke Robertson, Director of Operations, The Black Arcs

Black Arcs is working with non-profit Artslink NB on innovative tools to support the province’s music sector in various communities. The project builds on work from Artslink that highlighted the economic contributions made by the province’s cultural workforce.

Colum Consultants are delighted that we are able to help Black Arcs navigate the SR&ED program throughout the COVID recovery. By creating strategic relationships with our clients, we were able to claim SR&ED tax refunds for Black Arcs for multiple fiscal years. We are very proud of the amazing innovation our clients are engaged in.

To discuss further book a 15 minute complimentary consultation.

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